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Jose Rosas

Jose Rosas Head Coach and Founder of Alpha Training Protocols.

Former Infantry Soldier and Sgt., fitness was always a pivotal portion of his life. During his time enlisted, he has had the pleasure of working with top coaching teams, such as Team 3DMJ, to help further his education and experience, always maintaining a high level of physical conditioning, as it was necessary to do so.

He founded Alpha Training Protocols in October 2012, with the means of helping others achieve their goals.

A strong emphasis on teaching while coaching has always been the foundation of Team ATP. He has helped MANY athletes learn the science behind fitness while helping them achieve their goals. The course to self sustainability is our mission, and the road to paving a new generation of logical and critical thinking in regards to health.


Team ATP Coaches


Jez Carter

Alpha Training Protocols Coach
NGA PRO Bodybuilder
Lifetime Drug Free Athlete

Official Photographer of Alpha Training Protocols

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