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Team ATP Founder

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Jose Rosas

Jose Rosas Head Coach and Founder of Alpha Training Protocols.

Former Infantry Soldier and Sgt., fitness was always a pivotal portion of his life. During his time enlisted, he has had the pleasure of working with top coaching teams, such as Team 3DMJ, to help further his education and experience, always maintaining a high level of physical conditioning, as it was necessary to do so.

He founded Alpha Training Protocols in October 2012, with the means of helping others achieve their goals.

A strong emphasis on teaching while coaching has always been the foundation of Team ATP. He has helped MANY athletes learn the science behind fitness while helping them achieve their goals. The course to self sustainability is our mission, and the road to paving a new generation of logical and critical thinking in regards to health.


Team ATP Coaches

Brittany Conley

Alpha Training Protocols Coach

Brittany has constantly sought greater responsibility and education when it came to not only her own health, but on how she could teach other’s the same. At an early age, she was constantly active, playing both sports soccer and rugby before joining the Oregon Army National Guard in 2007, as a Combat Medic.

For the last seven years, she has since taken her drill sergeant’s style of physical training into her own personal life. In the gym, as well as using her voice to motivate her peers and subordinates in her own unit, but taking that style to every corner of the earth. Be it a gym in Afghanistan, or in some chalked up dusty gym near you. She has had multiple styles of training to gain her physical conditioning, CrossFit, TRX, Kettle bell, Circuit Training, Boot Camps and old-fashioned weight training. This has given her the ability to guide athletes step by step and take anyone who has sought her advice, and provide them with answers enthusiastically and with precise instruction.

Not only is her happy go-lucky demeanor contagious, she has taken her bodybuilding style training to the stage. She recently won 1st place, Figure Division, in her height class at the 2014 NPC Washington Ironman. She also competed at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo, NPC Ironman Naturally Bikini Division, placing 2nd two weeks before she deployed to Afghanistan.

She has the discipline when it comes to bodybuilding and the nutrition plan that needs to obtain such a physique, but she totally gets the need to eat a few cookies and indulge in the stuff that just hits the sweet spot.



Jez Carter

Alpha Training Protocols Coach
NGA PRO Bodybuilder
Lifetime Drug Free Athlete

Official Photographer of Alpha Training Protocols

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