Video testimonial by Laz for Team ATP.

- Lazarus R.

Working with Jose was an amazing experience. He truly goes above & beyond for his clients! From very detailed training programming, to always answering any questions with very detailed educational answers. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jose during my first year competing as a pro! Together we brought my best physique to the pro stage & I couldn’t have done it without his knowledge, support & guidance! Thank you Jose!



I had competed in 2011 with bro-type training and dieting, I hated the entire experience and really didn’t think I would ever try it again.  I just couldn’t do chicken/rice/broccoli, it was depressing and it broke my spirit.  I was still interested in working out and being fit but thought that competition prep was just too difficult and not worth my sanity.  I found Jez Carter and Team ATP through Facebook.  A friend of a friend was posting pictures of Jell-O and whipped cream and wine during her prep… I thought “Could this be real?”  I found Jez on Instagram and saw all of these amazing food posts, information about IIFYM, and things based on science (that’s right science, not just bro-nonsense that is the way it is because that’s the way it’s always been).  I emailed him right away.  I only had a 60 day window until the show I wanted to compete in, Jez said “Let’s do it!”.  I loved my workout plan and IIFYM was a revelation!  Jez was helpful and answered every question I had.   He sent me helpful form videos and posing videos and then critiqued the videos I sent him.  Jez helped keep me on track and made me accountable for the choices I made.  Jez and Team ATP had my back throughout.  I took 1st place in my division and I can’t wait to compete again.  Jez and Team ATP made competing a completely different experience for me and I couldn't be happier! To think I almost gave up Competing because I thought there was only one way to do it.  IIFYM FTW!

- Amy L.

I wanted to participate in a men's physique show, and sought out the services of ATP after following them on Instagram because of the information they provided on different aspects of fitness. With Jose as my coach, I was able to steadily cut down body fat while maintaining muscle size and strength for the most part. Being a very picky eater, the flexible dieting approach fit my needs, unlike the Talapia and veggie diets of the rest of my gym. Not only was I able to learn a lot about the sport of bodybuilding, I also learned how to manipulate my body for the better through diet and training. I competed in my first show and won my class, and was just short of overall. I think the best part of being a part of this team was their knowledge accompanied with their willingness to hold you accountable to the goals that you set.

- Andrew G.

Before I reached out to Team ATP, I had reached out to an old track team member of mine because I had seen her results on stage. She never replied back and, to be honest, I'm glad she didn't. So when I first reached out to Jose I did not realize that my body was going to look as great as it does now and I'm in the best shape I have ever been. I have been able to eat what I want in moderation, of course. I have been able to tap into the team page and post random questions and other athletes answer my questions. I am able to instant message Coach Jose and he quickly replies with an answer. My Sunday check-ins are always exciting when I know I beasted through the week, and Jose is quick to let me know that I did a great job or that I need to dial in and focus on being more accurate. After watching my boyfriend go through the chicken, rice, apple process I refused to go through the same process Im glad I did my research and found Team ATP. Most importantly, through this whole process, I have focused on compound exercises that hit all the muscles so I don't have to do any crazy made up exercises. I love seeing the other athletes and coaches post informative and motivating articles, pictures and quotes because this is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Thanks TEAM ATP!

-Monique K.

The last 3 years, I have really pushed myself for results. Sadly, the first two of those three years were spent going hours in the gym, day after day, and not seeing results. After coming across some of the result photos from Alpha Training Protocols, frustrated with my lack of results, I figured I would contact them. This last year under the guidance of Coach Jose Rosas, I was able to totally transform my body--best part I know why and how! Jose doesn't hold back when it comes to information sharing. He educates his clients. I prefer to understand what I'm doing and why, rather than the just-do-what-I-say approach. I'm coming up on the end of my first year working with Jose. I really wish I had gotten on board sooner and look forward to seeing how much my body will continue to transform.

- Eddie C.

Jose Rosas was my coach through the winter/spring of 2014. Jose started me out with the basics of proper macro distribution for an optimal & show worthy body composition. In the beginning it took some discipline to inventory my kitchen & calculate what I was eating in terms of grams, to follow the outline he set for me. I loved the freedom to CHOOSE what I enjoyed. Jose was very encouraging & supportive as well as keeping in close communication for any questions I had & to hold me accountable. That in and of itself is invaluable through this process of transformation. I count it a privilege to have Jose as my coach. I can't tell you how exciting it is to realize your physical goals. Jose has proved to me he knows what he's talking about!

- Patricia B.

Competition Prep is challenging on an athlete. It gets even harder when you’re programming your own workouts AND nutrition. ATP def helped to take the guess work out of the process. It was amazing to have the guess work gone so I could focus exclusively on lifting and accomplishing my goals. It’s also amazing to have a coach who checks in on you regularly and takes your feedback into account when programming. I appreciate being given the truth no matter what. Whether it was rescheduling a show or being told that we would need to push hard and stay focused. These things helped prepare me as an athlete mentally for what’s to come. I competed in my first competition as a figure competitor and I was super pleased with not only my placing but more importantly with my well being on show day. For me my well being is most important bc I have a full time job and a family that I want to be able to still enjoy life with. The balanced approach to nutrition as well as the endless resources provided have def helped mold me into not only a more solid competitor but also a more solid athlete and trainer.

-Tishira Smith


I had been looking for quite some time to find a trainer that was not caught up in outdated training methods. It was a relief to find Jose and Jez, and see that people were getting amazing results through flexible dieting. Alpha Training Protocols knows their stuff and now I am getting great results too. I do not have to train for hours on end. I do not have to eat boring meals. Flexible dieting has helped me to avoid blow outs because I never feel deprived.

Jose is always there to keep me on track, a shoulder when I need it and the forums are a great place to hang with like minded people. I train with ATP from the other side of the world, but still feel supported in my training. I am never ignored, and communication is outstanding. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who is serious about getting into lifting/weight loss. Thanks guys, so excited about the next phase Jose.

- Kathy T.

It has been almost 2 years since I have been with Coach Jose. He has helped me understand the science of macros.

As long as I can remember, I have been doing things the 'broscience way' as some would like to call it, not having realized that there is a better way out there. With other coaches that I've had, I really didn't understand how to get lean. They would say, 'We can get you there, just follow these simple plans to a T'. They had me eating chicken and broccoli, day in and day out. And I hated eating chicken and broccoli!

Once I met Jose, every thing had changed for the better. I remember he told me this,

'In your current situation regarding your current situation, doing a show is not really in the books given your metabolic health ... To diet down you have to have a certain metabolic capacity, meaning you have to be eating sufficiently high enough calories, so when we diet we can pull food away when we need to and still have plenty of room left ... think about it like running a mile. If you sprint the first 2 laps, you will NOT have the gas to finish the last 2 strong, or at all. But if you pace yourself, and you go slow and steady, you can finish.'

This right here was the start of my journey and I can't lie but it did come off a little harsh what he said but I definitely understand on what it will take to become a healthier person.

I can't thank Jose enough for showing me how to eat and definitely making me lift more than the world. Thanks Coach


My first visit with coach Jez consisted of a notebook, pen, and several questions. I knew at this point I would learn more about my body, fitness, and health than I had ever known. My journey with him was bittersweet; dedication, consistency, knowledge, focus and hard work. I couldn't be more thankful to have met someone so knowledgeable and pushed me to become a better ME! My progress pics and change of eating habits helped display how far I had come. With the help of Jez I continued to push day in and day out for improvement! Thanks coach!

- Felicia V.

I have been working with ATP for several months over the past year and my experience with the team and coaches have been phenomenal. Coach is always there to help, and answer any questions I have regarding fitness or diet anytime day or night. Working with ATP has really taken my fitness journey to the next level and I have had amazing results in the little time working with ATP. Being able to communicate with the whole team and gain advice from everyone is truly unique and amazing. Coach is truly dedicated to your success as an individual and strides to help you on your journey in any way possible. Before ATP I had never heard of flexible dieting, and because of ATP I now have the knowledge to be successful in tracking my macros. Not only does coach help you with your dieting, he explains why it works have backs it with scientific proof. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else on my fitness journey.

- Amanda M.

I came to Brittany when I was just over twelve weeks out from my first Women's Physique show. I had been researching to find teams that prep athletes utilizing flexible dieting, science backed strategies, and HEALTHY peak week protocols. Team ATP fit all of my must haves and more. Brittany gave me all of the tools I needed to succeed in my first competition prep. I shed just about twenty pounds in the quick twelve week time frame that we had, all while eating foods that I enjoy rather than choking down six meals on a rigid schedule. Not only did Brittany get me where I needed to be for my show, she did so with more support, knowledge, and pep talks than I could ask for. At Team Alpha you're not just another number on the list; communication with our coaches is key and they put a lot of time and energy into all of their athletes! It's one big family here and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to tackle another season with my team next to me!

-Kelcey M.

When I started with Brittany I didn't know what to expect id never had a trainer before. I just had a baby and wanted to get into shape. I tried all the fad diets and unhealthy had been skinny before. Once I started with ATP I loved it. Brittany helped me when I had any questions and had a super easy to follow plan when I went to the gym. I wasn't guessing at the gym wondering what to do next. She is there to push me when I have a off week and build me up when I have a good week. I got results without feeling starved or moody from low calorie dieting. I'm so glad I found her and team ATP. I can't wait to keep seeing results!

-Heather F.